Chanel-Inspired Floral Centrepieces


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Looking for a fun, chic, and easy centrepiece idea? I recently threw a soiree for a particularly fabulous and fashionable friend and made these Chanel-perfume-inspired floral arrangements as the table decor. Not only were they easy to make, but they helped me achieve a high-fashion look on a fast-fashion budget.

How – To:

1. Purchase square vase/vases from the dollar store

2. Print logo on cardboard (I found mine through google image search) and cut to size

3. Stick on vase(s) with double-sided tape

4. Fill with flowers of your choice

Tip: use clear tape to make a grid pattern to keep your flowers arranged neatly and precisely as you want them.

DIY: Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

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New coffee table is Rosco-approved🙂

I do a lot of pinning. A LOT. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but only rarely do I end up actually using any of these wonderful pins. I recently decided to make the conscious effort to use my Pinterest boards more and to actually attempt the projects and recipes that I’ve compiled. One such project is the DIY steamer trunk coffee table. There are all kinds of examples of trunk tables on Pinterest, and it turned out to be a really simple project (which I received a ton of compliments on). Here’s what I did:

Step One: Score a trunk! I used one that my mom had in storage – formerly her sewing box.

Step Two: Find Feet. I ended up settling on fence toppers from Home Depot because they were the perfect size and had screws in ’em already – they were pretty cheap too!

Step Three: Drill four holes in the bottom of your trunk. Tip: Measure twice and drill once.

Step Four: Screw in your table feet. If necessary, use some glue to secure.

Step Five: Flip and enjoy! I’ve been using mine indoors and out!

Cashmere & Caviar Christmas Party

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mgallery-0000030425-380x380The season of holiday soirées is now in full-swing. You are probably attending some social events, office parties, and family get-togethers over the next few weeks, and chances are at least one of those parties has a holly jolly theme such as the time-honoured Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. If you’re hosting this holiday season, and you’re looking for an alternative to this traditional go-to, we’ve got you covered. While the ugly sweater party is a great tradition, if you’re aiming to go more classy than classic try this on for size: The Cashmere & Caviar Christmas Party! Rather than donning the ugliest festive wool mess you can get your hands on, grab a luxurious cashmere number and jazz it up with some holiday bling. Instead of gingerbreads and candy canes, why not whip up some elegant h’or d’oeuvres using a little bit of caviar! Top it all off with some champagne cocktails and boom – fancy festivities for all to enjoy!

Not quite sure where to get started? We’ve found a couple ideas to help you get well on your way to having a fabulously chic shindig! Scroll on to check out some caviar recipes & champagne cocktail suggestions we put together. We’ve also included links to some cashmere sales for good measure. We zesties plan on putting this idea to the test this holiday season so be sure to check back for party pictures and highlights from our own zesty Cashmere and Caviar Christmas.

Caviar Recipes We Love:

Mini Blini Napoleons

7-Minute Salmon Caviar Sushi Bites

Cannelini Bean, Salmon & Caviar Canapés

Sweet Potato Pancakes With Caviar

Champagne Cocktails: 

Peppermint White Christmas  Champagne Cocktail

Cranberry & Pear Champagne Martini

Tangerine Sorbet Champagne Floats

Classic Bellini

We all love to shop for that special holiday outfit, so if you’re needing a new addition to your cashmere collection take a peek at some of these super-sales!

Bluefly Cashmere Sale – All Items Under $150!

The Bay Cashmere Sale – In Stores & Online

Barrow & Grove Cashmere Sale on Gilt

For more inspiration be sure to click on over to our Zesty Soirées Pinterest Board!

Zest of the Week – Raspberry Lips

Zest of the Week


Our Zest of the Week this week is Raspberry Lips! Tis the season when ladies everywhere are bustin’ out the festive red lipstick. In place of the standard red pout, don’t be a basic bitch – zest it up and try a deep berry colour on for size! These are three of our faves, plus a great lip liner. Links below if you want to check them out for yourself. For a how-to on applying red lipstick, click here.

From Left:

Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Winterberry

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Janet – Deep Magenta

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 503 – Red Fuscia

Dior Contour Lipliner Pencil in 775 – Rouge de Fete Holiday Red

For more lip shade inspiration, check out our Beauty Board on Pinterest!

Black Friday



You’ve seen the commercials and heard the radio announcements. Your mailbox has been stuffed with promotional flyers, and your email bombarded with alluring alerts. Doorbusters. Pre-sales. Previews. Exclusive Offers. Better than Black Friday. And so on. The hype is real!  In America, Black Friday is the highly-regarded “holiday” during which people adopt a complete disregard for the well-being of others, all in the name of consumerism, while having sat down to give thanks for all that they have only one day previous. ‘Merica. Formerly found only South of the border, Black Friday fever has spread like wildfire here in Canada, with more and more Canadian retailers attempting to entice consumers to hunt for holiday bargains closer to home. While many people will still head state-side in hopes of grabbing up the best deals, we will no doubt be seeing masses of people descend upon our local shopping spots as well. Most of us can think of someone in our lives who is that quintessential Black Friday Fiend. They seem to plan their entire year around it! These people swear that all the time and effort spent in preparation for their shopping excursion is more than worth it.

But is that really the case?

As a notorious bargain-hunter, I feel I am pretty qualified to advise on this. Is prepping and planning and travelling and waiting in line and fighting the crowds – all in the name of slashed prices – truly worth it? The answer, in my personal opinion, is OF COURSE NOT! The crazed, covetous crowds are seriously misguided. Yes there are super deals to be had. Yes some people will save hundreds. But you aren’t guaranteed to be one of them! And in recent years there have been so many horror stories that have come out of Black Friday – assaults, hospitalizations, even deaths – is this something you really want to be a part of? If you answered yes, and you are the type of person who can suspend your humanity and surrender all dignity to score the latest gaming console at fifty bucks off, well, that’s your business. For those of you with more self-respect, read on!

Every year for the past four years or so I have scored big on Black Friday sales with very little time and effort invested, no human interaction required, and occasionally while consuming wine and wearing pyjama pants (go ahead, judge me). So what is my advice to my fellow sale-loving shopaholics who want to get in on the Black Friday action, scoring great deals with none of the bullshit? Online sales of course! Previously reserved to Cyber Monday and thought to be inferior to in-store events, online Black Friday sales have now expanded to be days long – Amazon (and others) even make a whole week out of it. The discounts are also very comparable to in-store offers (in some cases better!). If you’re anything like me, you value your time, and as such, convenience is an important motivator. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and I promise you savings in both time and money this Black Friday week(end). And in case you need it, here’s my list of do’s and don’ts, because, ya know, I’m helpful like that🙂

DO: Make a gift list. You will regret it if you do not make a list to stick to. It can be a general list, but guidelines to shop by are a must!

DON’T: Get swept up in the deal-frenzy and end up with a bunch of mediocre gifts. Buying something that is just so-so simply because it is dirt cheap is just stupid.

DO: Pick your sites and register/create a profile before the sales start. Much like in-store Black Friday, a plan of attack is crucial. Also, if you do this in advance you will receive notifications of promotional offers that can make your shopping even more convenient.

DON’T: Forget to make a budget!

And finally, the most important “DO” of all –  do maintain your composure. Don’t let the deals blind you into yolo-ing right the fuck out and buying all the things. This is what these retailers are (literally) banking on. Control yo’self. Own the sales – don’t let the sales own you.

Not sure where to start? I recommend checking out these spots for deals on everything from stocking stuffers to designer duds. I’ve scored big hitting these sites over the years, and I’ll surely be checking them out this year too. In some cases, the sales are already well under way.

Happy Shopping!




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By: Amy