The Village Cafe


Delicious Seared Sea Scallops, served on arugula and portabella mushrooms

Looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite to eat, but don’t want to sacrifice taste and nutrition? I’ve got a suggestion that is sure to please: The Village Cafe on Richmond Road in Westboro. The Village Cafe is elegant eatery meets casual little cafe, where a ton of delicious and (mostly) healthy options are offered up for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The lunch menu consists of succulent appetizers and fabulous soup and sandwich choices, many of which are loaded with veggies and other healthy ingredients. Another great thing about The Village Cafe is that there is no shortage of options for non-meat-eaters. As a pescetarian, this menu is right up my alley. When we stopped by there last weekend for brunch, I opted for the seared sea scallops with portabella mushrooms, and it was delish! If you are in the mood for a soup and sandwich combo, apparently the Eddie is incredibly tasty. So should you find yourself in the Westboro area looking for a new place to try, I highly recommend a stop by The Village Cafe, 295 Richmond Road. You will not be disappointed! And if you’re feeling indulgent, give their lemon tart a try, its heavenly!

By: Amy

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