About Me

I’m Amy – the girl behind the Zestlist. Thanks so much for visiting –  I hope you keep coming back! “Zestlist” was created after a night of delicious gelato and shenanigans with my zesty bestie, Whitney. It was decided that a blog for all things zesty was necessary and the Zestlist was born. Based in Ottawa, ON Canada, I love to write about my daily life as a twenty-something trying to navigate through this crazy, beautiful life. A marketing manager, fashion enthusiast, occasional socializer, foodie and creative DIY addict – I hope you enjoy reading my posts about all the list of things that bring zest to my life!

ZESTY: An adjective used to denote extreme noteworthyness, used synonymously with adjectives such as cool, hip, and rad. “My, what a zesty fellow he is”.

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