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Beneath the prevailing BIP course of what skill do the BIP editors have to stop unhealthy concepts being BIPed and/or low high quality BIPs?

So to begin with to state the apparent the BIP editors have merge permissions on the BIP repo. So ignoring the prevailing BIP course of, for a brand new BIP to be added or a BIP to be modified it must be merged by one of many present BIP editors.

Nevertheless, clearly we do not need the BIP editors to have efficient veto energy on all concepts that might get applied in Bitcoin. Therefore the BIP 2 course of describes what a BIP editor ought to do when assessing whether or not to allocate a proposed BIP a BIP quantity or not.

For every new BIP that is available in an editor does the next:

Learn the BIP to verify whether it is prepared: sound and full. The concepts
should make technical sense, even when they do not appear more likely to be
accepted. The title ought to precisely describe the content material. The BIP
draft should have been despatched to the Bitcoin growth mailing checklist for
dialogue. Motivation and backward compatibility (when relevant)
have to be addressed. The outlined Layer header have to be accurately assigned
for the given specification. Licensing phrases have to be acceptable for
BIPs. If the BIP is not prepared, the editor will ship it again to the
creator for revision, with particular directions. As soon as the BIP is prepared
for the repository it needs to be submitted as a “pull request” to the
BIPs git repository the place it could get additional suggestions.

The BIP editor will:

Assign a BIP quantity within the pull request. Merge the pull request when
it’s prepared. Listing the BIP in README.mediawiki

If these steps have been adopted and it meets the bar set by the BIP 2 course of the BIP editor ought to allocate a BIP quantity even when they themselves assume it’s a unhealthy thought. Being allotted a BIP quantity doesn’t imply it has been endorsed by the BIP editor merging it and it definitely would not essentially imply it has been endorsed by the broader neighborhood.

The rationale for that is we do not need the BIP editors to be gatekeepers however we additionally don’t desire the BIPs repo stuffed with hundreds/hundreds of thousands of BIPs containing concepts which were repeatedly extensively rejected by the neighborhood. As a thought experiment think about hundreds of BIPs with barely completely different modifications to the block reward schedule or differing methods for the BIP creator to grab funds from Bitcoin addresses. This work from the BIP editors permits an inexpensive trade-off to be met between exploration of concepts that the BIP editors do not essentially agree with and an efficient denial of service (DoS) assault on the BIPs repo.

Close to ongoing upkeep of a BIP, the BIP creator (or champion) at present has fairly broad latitude to make modifications to their BIP as soon as they’ve been allotted a BIP quantity, once more to keep away from the BIP editors being gatekeepers over how the concept or proposal evolves. Nevertheless, we additionally need to keep away from impartial readers of the BIP receiving a completely biased, inaccurate or low high quality perspective on the deserves of the evolving proposal. Therefore BIP 2 at present has a feedback system the place reviewers can submit feedback to the BIP which can be viewable to the readers of that BIP. The system hasn’t labored notably effectively, not many individuals have submitted prime quality feedback, the feedback aren’t notably accessible and it has usually been fairly unwieldy. There have been discussions to exchange the feedback system with the power for BIP editors to publish hyperlinks to bitcoin-dev mailing checklist posts with effectively reasoned technical criticisms of the BIP on the backside of the BIP so readers can simply entry viewpoints counter to the viewpoints of the BIP creator/champion. On the time of writing although this has not been included in a BIP course of replace.



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