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How one can Depend Information in Listing on Linux

If it’s essential to depend what number of information are in a listing on Linux, then you should utilize a mixture of the ls command to listing all of the information, and the wc command to depend what number of traces are printed:

Choice 1 – Utilizing wc

ls | wc -l

You possibly can specify a listing as follows:

ls <listing> | wc -l

Choice 2 – Utilizing discover

You possibly can depend information recursively by utilizing the discover command:

discover <listing> -type f | wc -l

Choice 3 – Utilizing tree

Utilizing the tree command will print out the quantity of directories and information discovered, but when utilized in a big listing, then this may print a number of output to the display screen, so watch out with this one.


This command is not going to depend hidden information, so add the -a attribute to incorporate them:

tree -a <listing>


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