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How one can Generate Terraform utilizing a Bash Shell script

To generate Terraform code utilizing a Bash shell script, you’ll be able to make the most of Python inside the script. Right here’s an instance of how one can obtain this:

1. Create a brand new Bash script file

Open a textual content editor and create a brand new file, for instance,

2. Add the shebang line

Begin the script with the shebang line to specify that it ought to be interpreted utilizing Bash:


3. Set up Required Libraries

Because you’ll be utilizing Python inside the script, make sure that Python and pip are put in in your system. You additionally want to put in the hclwriter library. To do that, you’ll be able to embrace the set up instructions inside the script:

# Set up required Python library
pip set up hclwriter

4. Add Python code inside the script

Insert the Python code that generates the Terraform code into your Bash script. You should use a heredoc to embed the Python code:

python3 - <<EOF
# Python code right here

5. Embody the Python code

Throughout the heredoc part, you’ll be able to add the Python code to generate the Terraform code. Seek advice from the Python code instance from the earlier response and paste it inside the heredoc part.

6. Make the script executable

Make the Bash script executable utilizing the chmod command:

chmod +x

7. Run the script

Execute the script utilizing the next command:


The script will execute the embedded Python code and generate the Terraform code based mostly in your necessities. You may modify the Python code inside the script to suit your particular use case. Bear in mind to save lots of the generated Terraform code to a file utilizing Python’s file-writing capabilities.

Notice: Make sure that Python and the required libraries are put in in your system earlier than operating the script.



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