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lightning community – lnd restoration failure

I carried out a lightning restoration process with a professional SCB file in my umbrel (put in in Raspi 4) node, requesting the pressured shut of the channels.
After completed, I tracked the channel state utilizing lightning and block explorer and located solely 4 out of 11 channels had been really closed. The standing has not modified for greater than two days. Listed here are my questions:

(1) Through the process, I typed ‘lncli pendingchannels’ within the command line a number of occasions, however simply empty lists printed on a regular basis even when the restoration was stiil in progress. Does this imply one thing went unsuitable?

(2) Within the case of the 4 closed channels, it’s seen within the block explorer that the fund of my peer facet has been transferred from a multisig pockets to the peer’s pockets, however mine has not been for greater than 24 hrs. Does this imply that the peer didn’t shut the channel? Then, how lengthy ought to I wait? 2 weeks?

(3) 7 channels are nonetheless lively within the explorer, however I couldn’t see them on the umbrel dashboard or in RTL app (Now, my umbrel is shutdown. I attempted one other restoration utilizing blixt. It didn’t work both). Does this imply my lnd didn’t ship an in depth request to those friends? If that is the case, why had been they not seen within the dashboard?

(4) Is it okay to repeat the restoration course of? I did it simply by resetting my consumer knowledge with out erasing the entire block knowledge. If I attempt once more from the scratch after wiping out my SSD, which may assist?

I’ve already requested this within the umbrel group, however it appears they haven’t seen this case earlier than.




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