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segregated witness – Submitblock error: bad-signet-blksig

I attempt to submit the block, what I mined, however it isn’t accepted. Additionally, I couldn’t discover the answer by looking out the same questions.

Setup: Centos 8 Linux, Qt programing and /bitcoincore/bitcoin-22.0rc3 with signet. The signet possibility can be within the config file. Usually; every thing works.

submitheader appears to work. I attempted to change the nonce and it was rejected, as anticipated.

submitblock is rejected with the error message of “bad-signet-blksig”.

Simply by likelihood I met a getblocktemplate with out transactions. I embrace it right here, I hope it doesn’t take up too lengthy space for storing.

[mself@localhost bin]$ ./bitcoin-cli submitblock “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”

Reply: bad-signet-blksig

Someplace I learn, I’ve to incorporate “-signet” (./bitcoin-cli -signet submitblock …), this case there are not any error messages, however the block will not be accepted, by no means enters into the signet blk0000x.dat blocks.

I used to be checking the accepted blocks within the blk0000x.dat recordsdata. I discovered just one vital distinction to my block. Within the coinbase transaction, on the second output, the Script PubKey size in my case is 0x26=38 bytes. It comes from the “6a24aa21a9ed” plus the 32 bytes of SHA256(SHA256(witness root hash concatenated with witness reserved worth)).

The outline unhappy: the half after the 38-th byte are non-obligatory. Quite the opposite, the entire accepted blocks within the blk0000x.dat recordsdata have 0x77=119 bytes. The primary 38 bytes are the identical construction, as mine, however there are extra bytes hooked up.

Lastly, my query: what did I do mistaken, what ought to I right?
Thanks, for any reply.



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