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show – 2014 Mac Mini by means of Belkin F1DN104Q-3 KVM – all displays blink besides the DVI port monitor

So I’ve a little bit of a wierd scenario. SMC has been reset. NVRAM and PRAM have been reset. All cables are model new from CablesPlus (the Canadian Monoprice).

The Belkin F1DN104Q-3 is a 4-port, quad-head KVM that enables me to hook 4 displays as much as 4 totally different computer systems. I’ve restricted house, that is my resolution. On the pc aspect of the KVM, it presents one DVI-D port and three DisplayPort ports.

On different computer systems, I’ve traced points involving ZERO show right down to the cables themselves.

Nevertheless, with my Mac Mini, I’m able to get a sign, nevertheless all connections apart from the MiniDP->DVI-D connection… blink. Sorry, however that’s the easiest way I can describe it. It’s a fast flickering. And if I take advantage of the Mac’s HDMI port, with both an HDMI->DVI-D cable or an HDMI->DisplayPort cable, that additionally blinks. The one method I get not less than one display screen not blinking is to make use of a MiniDP->DVI-D cable for that one KVM port that’s DVI-D.

And the displays blink about 1-5 instances a second, randomly, which additionally slows down my mouse no matter what display screen it’s on. The truth is, mouse hesitation seems to be completely synchronized with the blinking. Nevertheless, different issues like home windows unfolding from the duty bar usually are not affected – they nonetheless zoom as if there is no such thing as a system lag.

The MiniDP to DVI-D cable has been re-used from the prior dual-head KVM. The MiniDP to DisplayPort cable is new, from MonoPrice.

If I hook up solely the MiniDP to DisplayPort cables, and ignore the DVI-D connector on the KVM fully, each screens blink reverse to one another, a type of strobing impact.

Any clue what this is perhaps?



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