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by Amy Fox, DVM
pregnant dog with her puppies in whelping box

In case you are contemplating fostering a pregnant canine, or a pregnant stray canine occurs to search out you, it’s vital to know some key details about canine being pregnant and delivery that will help you look after a mama canine and her puppies. Prepare for plenty of onerous work, a complete lot of messes, and essentially the most lovely, rewarding expertise you might ever have! 

How Lengthy Are Canines Pregnant?

Canine pregnancies final about 65 days from the time of ovulation to delivery. Generally, we have no idea the timing of a canine’s ovulation and even the precise date of conception, so it may be troublesome to estimate an actual due date; most pregnancies are estimated to final about 58-68 days in complete. A veterinarian might be able to give a basic timeline for when the puppies shall be born. 

Canine Being pregnant Week by Week

  • Weeks one to a few: Fertilized eggs start to divide inside the uterine tube. Embryos enter the uterus by day 11, and implantation happens between days 16 and 18. 
  • Week 4: Head, eyes, and vertebrae type together with inside organs.
  • Weeks 5 to 6: Exterior options like pores and skin colour, nails, and whiskers are forming together with intercourse organs. The fetus experiences essentially the most development between days 40 to delivery.
  • Weeks seven to eight: The skeleton is totally shaped and could also be seen on x-rays round day 45.
  • Week 9: Fetus is totally shaped and getting ready for delivery. Most puppies might be safely delivered after day 57. Their eyes are sealed at delivery, and so they can’t hear. 

How To Inform If Your Canine Is Pregnant

A pregnant canine will present bodily and behavioral modifications. A few of the most typical indicators early in being pregnant are enlarged mammary glands and nipples, modifications within the colour of the nipples, clear vaginal discharge, and/or modifications in urge for food (both decreased or elevated). Later within the being pregnant, further modifications comparable to weight achieve, enlargement of the stomach, swelling of the vulva, and milk manufacturing might happen. Pregnant canine may act extra clingy and begin displaying indicators of nesting conduct, comparable to amassing blankets, towels, and/or toys to create a nest-like house for his or her future puppies.  

At Residence

In case you are suspicious that your canine could also be pregnant because of indicators comparable to swelling of the mammary glands and vulva, weight achieve, and/or modifications in conduct, it’s greatest to seek the advice of a veterinarian. Many different situations can have indicators much like being pregnant, so it’s greatest to see your vet to ensure. Nonetheless, in case you have a pup that’s straightforward to deal with and means that you can, you possibly can gently press on her mammary glands to see if milk comes out, which might point out she is lactating and certain pregnant.

Canine Being pregnant Signs to Watch For

  • Enlarged mammary glands and nipples
  • Nipples that change colour to a darker or pinker shade
  • Swollen vulva
  • Clear vaginal discharge
  • Adjustments in urge for food (elevated or decreased)
  • Weight achieve
  • Rising stomach
  • Milk manufacturing
  • Clingy conduct
  • Nesting conduct

At The Vet

Vets use plenty of instruments to diagnose a being pregnant and be taught concerning the fetuses. Step one is normally belly palpation, or gently making use of strain on the stomach to try to really feel if the uterus is enlarged and/or if they’ll really feel any fetuses. This method doesn’t require particular gear, however has some drawbacks: Different buildings within the stomach, together with poop, might really feel much like a uterus early in being pregnant, making it onerous to precisely decide if a canine is pregnant.  A canine with a really massive stomach, or one who’s nervous or tense, will even be troublesome to palpate.  

Many vets might then use a type of imaging, comparable to an x-ray or ultrasound, to get extra visible clues. X-rays, or radiographs, can present if the uterus is enlarged. The fetuses will solely be clearly seen on an x-ray as soon as their bones mineralize, which occurs round day 45, however as soon as they’re, a vet can attempt to depend what number of fetuses are current. 

Utilizing an ultrasound has further benefits because it permits a vet to search for heartbeats within the fetuses, which can be current as early as day 25, and to look at earlier modifications within the uterus which can be according to being pregnant.  

Lastly, a hormone check might be carried out on a urine or blood pattern to check for the presence of Relaxin, a hormone secreted by the placenta. This check tends to be most correct after 20 days of being pregnant.  

None of those strategies are 100% correct, particularly for counting the variety of fetuses, so there could also be some surprises to return after delivery. 

False Being pregnant in Canines

Some canine who seem pregnant are literally experiencing false pregnancies. Because the identify suggests, a false being pregnant mimics many indicators of being pregnant — together with enlarged mammary glands, milk manufacturing, and nesting behaviors — besides the canine shouldn’t be pregnant. This may happen because of hormonal modifications, and most instances resolve on their very own, however there are some remedies that may assist. Any problems ensuing from a false being pregnant, comparable to mastitis, or infections of the mammary glands, should even be handled.  

How one can Care For a Pregnant Rescue Canine

A pregnant rescue canine is extra prone to have underlying medical issues that will make being pregnant tougher, so make certain to see a vet. All pregnant canine, nevertheless, have to eat a particular food regimen that provides additional energy and vitamins throughout being pregnant and nursing. Be certain that the meals your pregnant canine eats is labeled for “development and improvement,” or “being pregnant and lactation,” and/or that it says it’s acceptable for “all life levels” to make sure it could possibly meet these wants. Pregnant canine have to eat extra ceaselessly as properly.  

Different vital concerns throughout being pregnant embrace modifying train as your pup’s stomach grows, minimizing stress, avoiding conditions the place your canine might get sick from different canine, and getting ready for the arrival of the puppies.  

Vet Visits

Rescue pups who had been strays or beforehand not correctly cared for might have further medical issues that must be addressed to make sure they’re robust and wholesome for being pregnant. It’s particularly vital to see a vet as quickly as you think a rescue canine is pregnant to allow them to be handled for frequent situations comparable to intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, pores and skin issues, or infections. Nonetheless, some remedies, medicines, and vaccinations should not protected to provide to a pregnant canine, so it is very important seek the advice of with a vet earlier than giving any remedies, together with over-the-counter merchandise.  


Pregnant canine will achieve weight throughout their being pregnant, however they have to keep away from extra weight achieve as a result of extra fats could cause issues in supply, comparable to interfering with uterine contractions and the canine’s capability to push out the fetuses. Ideally, canine ought to achieve not more than 25 to 30 % of their pre-pregnancy weight and proceed to train throughout being pregnant. The perfect train for pregnant pups is strolling, because the velocity and size of walks might be adjusted to accommodate the pup’s rising stomach. Generally, strolling at a tempo that appears comfy for the canine, with out her turning into too winded or drained, is an effective method. If she appears to get drained or simply needs to lie down throughout the stroll, head residence and let her relaxation. Within the remaining weeks of being pregnant, she might solely be capable of exit for brief walks to pee and poop, which is okay. At all times seek the advice of a vet relating to what’s protected and acceptable to your specific pregnant canine.


Correct diet can forestall a variety of problems in being pregnant and nursing. Pregnant canine have to eat meals that’s labeled as acceptable for “development and improvement,” “being pregnant and lactation,” and/or “all life levels.” These meals comprise sufficient energy and vital vitamins like calcium to fulfill pregnant canine’ wants.

Pregnant canine achieve the majority of their weight after day 40 of being pregnant and can want much more meals in these final three to 4 weeks of being pregnant. They need to eat small, frequent meals, as their digestive tract will get squished by their rising uterus, and they’ll really feel full shortly — however nonetheless want loads of energy. It could be useful to depart some dry meals out on a regular basis for those who can’t present frequent feedings all through the day.  

Pregnant rescue pups might have further dietary assist as underlying medical issues comparable to intestinal parasites and/or a historical past of malnutrition and/or hunger might intrude with their absorption of vitamins and skill to achieve weight. For that reason, it’s additional vital that rescue pups are beneath a vet’s care throughout their being pregnant. 


Like all rescue pups with a historical past of trauma and/or poor socialization, pregnant rescue canine might have time to regulate to their new residence and environment. Be sure you present her time and house to decompress and settle in. Whereas getting these vet visits taken care of is extraordinarily vital, it’s price remembering to take issues sluggish and use a lot of optimistic reinforcement to let her know she is protected and may belief her new people too. This contains a lot of reward, treats, toys, and/or cuddling if and when she is receptive to that. The extra belief you construct throughout the being pregnant, the higher she’s going to tolerate your presence as soon as the puppies arrive.

Getting Prepared for Puppies

As quickly as you understand your new pup is pregnant, it’s a good suggestion to start out getting ready for her to provide delivery by gathering the provides you’ll need. As soon as the puppies are born, you’ll have a full home, so having every thing prepared forward of time will make your life a lot simpler. Early preparation is very vital with rescue canine since their dates of conception and due dates are estimates; it’s potential the puppies might arrive properly earlier than you had been anticipating them. Most occasions, mama canine do almost all of the work of caring for his or her new child pups, however typically they could want your assist, so listed here are some tricks to get you began.

Be Ready

The arrival of the puppies might be each thrilling and traumatic. If in case you have by no means seen a canine give delivery, it is very important familiarize your self with what’s regular and what’s trigger for concern.  As a result of rescue pups virtually all the time have unknown due dates, make certain to have every thing arrange properly earlier than you assume you’ll need it. Present your pup with a quiet, personal place the place she may give delivery and begin to look after her new child puppies. This could embrace a whelping field, which is a big field or pen with low sides so she will be able to simply step out and in however will comprise the puppies. Be certain that to supply a lot of clear bedding and layer that with disposable pee pads you could simply change out to take away any fluids from labor and supply, in addition to pee and poop from the puppies. Different provides to have available embrace:

  • Bedding
  • Disposable pee pads
  • Whelping field
  • Pet method, comparable to Esbilac
  • Warmth supply, comparable to warmth lamp or heating pad
  • Pet bottles and/or syringes with nipples
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cotton balls
  • Child scale or gram scale 

Indicators of Labor in Canines

The primary stage of labor happens when contractions begin, and indicators embrace restlessness and panting. The mama canine might act reserved and retreat to the privateness of her nesting space. This stage can last as long as 12 hours, and it is rather vital to reduce dealing with and stress, which might typically delay this stage and even cease labor, and to provide her privateness throughout this time. 

The subsequent stage of labor begins with the delivery of the primary pet. Usually one other pet is delivered each 60 minutes or much less till they’re all delivered. It’s useful to have an estimate of what number of puppies are anticipated so you already know if she has delivered all of them. 

Indicators of issues throughout labor can embrace actively straining to push for greater than half-hour and not using a pet being delivered, greater than 4 hours between births, or a pet that’s visibly caught within the delivery canal. Seek the advice of your vet or an emergency clinic instantly for those who discover any of those indicators. 

After the Puppies Have Arrived

Generally, the mama canine is aware of the right way to look after her new child pups, and the very best factor to do is give her house to look after them. At all times make certain she has entry to meals and water and that the bedding is clear within the whelping field. Be certain that she has a quiet and personal house to nurse them with out different pets round and that everybody within the family is aware of to provide her privateness. 

Some new mothers are very pressured by their infants being touched or dealt with, so it’s best to provide the mama canine time to settle in along with her infants with none interference. If you must deal with the puppies, remember to wash your palms completely beforehand and attempt to maintain the pet with mother so she will be able to see what you might be doing to reduce her stress. Needless to say new child puppies are extremely vulnerable to infections, and it will likely be many weeks earlier than they’ll get their vaccines, so all the time wash your palms earlier than dealing with them and maintain their house clear. 

If mother tolerates it, it’s a good suggestion to weigh the puppies each day or each few days to make sure they’re all gaining weight. A pet that loses or fails to achieve weight might have further care. Most puppies are weaned between seven and eight weeks previous and will begin getting their vaccines and dewormings across the identical time. 

As soon as the puppies are weaned, it is very important schedule mother to be spayed. This may guarantee she avoids any undesirable litters and can assist forestall different reproductive well being issues sooner or later.

In case you are involved about any of the puppies or the mother at any time, contact your vet instantly.

Discovering Properties For The Puppies

Because the puppies method weaning age, it is very important begin fascinated with discovering perpetually properties for them. Undertake A Pet is a good useful resource for getting their profiles on-line and discovering the proper match. Clear, cute pictures and detailed descriptions of their personalities and temperaments go a protracted approach to serving to them stand out. You will need to fastidiously display potential adopters to make sure they’re ready for the time dedication and monetary duties of elevating a pet. 

Canine Being pregnant FAQ’s

If in case you have by no means cared for a pregnant pup, you will have a lot of questions on what to anticipate. At all times seek the advice of your vet about any particular issues about your canine, however listed here are some fundamental FAQs to get you began. 

What are the primary indicators of being pregnant in a canine?

Early indicators of being pregnant can embrace swollen nipples, an enlarged vulva, a change in urge for food, weight achieve, and conduct modifications comparable to nesting conduct and/or clinginess. 

How lengthy are canine pregnant?

Being pregnant in canine lasts for about 58-68 days. In lots of instances, the precise date of mating is unknown, so that is an estimate. 

What does a pregnant canine’s stomach really feel like?

A pregnant stomach might really feel fully regular in early being pregnant and really feel massive and full later in being pregnant. An skilled veterinarian might be able to really feel the precise fetuses inside the stomach, however this isn’t all the time potential, particularly in massive canine or canine who’re very tense. 

What do I do with a pregnant stray canine?

If you happen to intend to maintain her all through her being pregnant and delivery, get her to a vet instantly to ensure any underlying medical issues are handled to reduce problems in her being pregnant. You must also present her with acceptable pet food for being pregnant. If you happen to can’t look after her and/or her puppies, you possibly can contact your native animal shelter to search out another placement for her. Usually, pregnant canine are positioned right into a foster residence as quickly as potential to keep away from the stress of and dangers of infections from giving delivery in a shelter. 

Amy Fox, DVM is a small animal veterinarian in New York Metropolis. She has labored in many various settings together with shelter drugs, emergency drugs, basic apply, and animal cruelty and forensics. She is very focused on diet, preventative drugs and look after senior pets. Dr. Fox additionally enjoys writing about veterinary drugs and educating. In her free time she likes to prepare dinner, backyard, and go for lengthy runs.



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